Cabin on the Hill

About Monica Suswin


I am a writer, and have been a psychotherapist, radio producer and journalist. My interest is in the creative process of writing: fiction, non-fiction or academic.

Drawing from my notebooks, prose, poetry and dramatic dialogues, I write a blog showing how writing can be experienced and explored. The issues tackled are those which affect us all: love, anger and sadness; the joys and difficulties of relationships; illness, happiness and spirituality. Using a wide range of literary styles, my examples will help the reader to experience the creative and healing potential of writing for well-being.

As well as running the Cabin on the Hill as a retreat, Monica also facilitates Writing Workshops. (see Sessions and Workshops page)


About The Creative Process  of Writing

The adventure of writing is in the scope and scale of the imagination. Whatever the genre, exploring the inner life finely tunes your awareness; this in turn takes you to the heart of intention and purpose of your project.

It is in writing initial drafts that we find out what we want to say. Sometimes, however, the essential points are masked at this stage, and need clarification and further development. Talking to another writer can be invaluable in finding out how you want to continue.

Reflection anchors you to a learning process about yourself and your own writing practice; this can help the writing to evolve into a finished piece. This reflexive engagement is often surprising, both for yourself and for your writing. It is the most creative activity that I know: a self-affirming and nurturing adventure. The point is the journey, not the arrival.

About Log Cabins

The tradition of building log cabins came from the forested areas of Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia; and have long provided simple one room homes. When settlers arrived in North America, in the seventeenth century, they took their building skills with them. In wooded areas, log cabins quickly became useful and cheap dwellings.

Nowadays a room in the garden, particularly a simple wooden version of the log cabin, gives that extra versatile living space. The cabin on the hill was built by local wood-worker, Mark Haughton. It is constructed from waney-edged sweet chestnut boards on the outside and lined with solid cedar inside. It is well insulated so once the wood burning stove is on the go, it gets very snug.

Publications in the Field

These are books to which I have contributed pieces:

The Writer's Key: Introducing Creative Solutions for Life. By Gillie Bolton. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2013).

Writing Routes. Edited by Gillie Bolton, Victoria Field and Kate Thompson. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2010).

Writing Works. Edited by Gillie Bolton, Victoria Field and Kate Thompson. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2006).

I contributed the chapter ‘A Legacy of Understanding’ in:

Dying Bereavement and the Healing Arts. Edited by Gillie Bolton. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2008).