Cabin on the Hill

Guest Comments

The cabin has been a sanctuary that has allowed me to be completely at ease and reflect on my life. I wrote a story I didn’t know I had in me. Monica’s gift with hospitality shone through every aspect of the guest experience and everything worked effortlessly: the wash-up system, the bathroom, and the choice to be fully on retreat or connected if I wished.

Elloa Atkinson

The cabin felt like an almost sacred space: cosy, warm, inviting – a very permissive place. It has been a truly healing short retreat for me.                                                                                                                                                Jemma Borg

The cabin on the hill is a wonderful place, not only for creatives, but for those looking for the space to think deeply, to take a step back from life and reflect. The cabin itself is beautiful and the view provided both calm and inspiration. Monica is a generous, insightful and hospitable host, and it was an absolute pleasure to get to know her.

Kylie Grant, @kyliegrant1

Magical – I came for one night and stayed two I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I’ve left a fragment of me hidden in the cabin... I’ll have to return to retrieve it.

Abegail Morley (The Poetry Shed)

I had the warmest possible welcome, and thanks to Monica’s nurturing hospitality was able to spend five precious days following the grain of my imagination.

Naomi Foyle (author: Seoul Survivors & Astra, Jo Fletcher Books 2013/2014)

The cosy private cabin and its discreet hostess are truly magical. The warm welcome and sense of calm that greeted me ensured not only a productive writing experience but a healing sense of rest all over.


The cabin was like the best ever Wendy House I could imagine. I lit a log fire and slept alone in the dark. I did more daydreaming than writing but I did have a hugely successful writing session with Monica who picked up straight away how I needed to free up my writing. She was everything I would think most looking for a retreat could hope for; calm, warm, clear, there if you wanted her for a chat, or just as an invisible presence not far away.

Melanie Hayden-Williams

What a wonderful tranquil space to write and be close to nature. I loved staying in the cabin on the hill - everything I needed was just there. No distractions so I could plan my day around writing and walking. I can recommend Monica's sensitive hospitality including her delicious chicken stew with fresh picked peas, spinach and beans from the garden. I'm definitely coming back!

Christine Hollywood

A lovely, tranquil space with great views, where one can find peace and begin, or re-connect with, a particular creative project... or just to take time out, take stock and reflect - as a 'human being' rather than a 'human doing'.

Catherine Smith

Workshop Testimonials

The following testimonials are in response to the monthly Saturday afternoon workshops in the Cabin:

As usual I am inspired to go deep into myself and reflect on my feelings and thoughts. And then I find words to clearly describe those feelings and thoughts. The process is revealing and satisfying.            Najwa

Cabin on the hill instills

Feelings of calm, a balm

Released from within

Expressed with a pen, among friends

Dig deep, attain

Answers, more questions

Never in vain


I feel a sense of calm, contemplation and inspiration in the air at Monica's workshop. Beginning with silence and space, words seem to come from the cabin and the beautiful garden and fill us all with wonder and new revelations. It is a special place to share and allow room for my writing to breathe.                Jessica