Cabin on the Hill

Dialogue around a piece of your own writing, whether a poem or prose, can bring elements into focus that you might not have thought about. This will take you deeper into the narrative of what you are writing.  

A session is able to clarify your next step, and help with realistic goals. On the other hand, you may find it good to talk with no specific aim in mind about your work, and see where that takes you in a more open-ended way. Both approaches can be beneficial.

You can arrange a writing session with me during your stay. A session with me is about process, not critiquing or feedback.

Writing sessions are also available without retreat.


One to One Sessions on your Writing

The Healing Power of Writing

Ongoing Workshop: Cabin Writers

One Saturday Afternoon a Month

We meet at 2pm with a flexible finish between 5.30-6pm

The focus of these workshops is exploring the creative and therapeutic aspects of writing for well-being. Each individual is encouraged to take their own writing forward. In these afternoon sessions there is a nucleus of regular writers who attend and a diversity of themes we discuss. The group is open to new-comers and the maximum number will be six participants.

The atmosphere we create in the cabin is inviting, nurturing and a safe place for women to share and discuss their pieces, to feel supported and inspired to carry on writing at home. When the weather is good we are able to take advantage of being in the garden. 

The writing, the sharing, the discussion - all of this is empowering.

Dates for Summer workshops will be added soon. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Find out more: contact Monica

As a student or practitioner, you will bring the issues about creative therapeutic writing you want to tackle.

Flexible Formats

* One-to-one session lasting 1hour
* Workshop with up to three people lasting 2.5 hours

Arrange once a month or at intervals to suit your needs.

Supervision & Mentoring

Our time together will explore these with a focus on:

* Fine-tuning your own approach to working with words for wellbeing.
* Tackling the tricky issues of working with other people.
* Discussing your own personal writing, reflective and reflexive practice.

* Exploring and defining the links between creative and therapeutic writing.